Control room
Located at the heart of Studio A is the 33 m2 control room. Several monitor systems are available. The 32 channel SSL console is patched to both digital or analogue recording systems. The outboard racks house a mix of high end tube and digital processing equipment. Studio A has to be one of the best cutting and mixing rooms in the Baltic countries. Refer to the Studio A equipment list for more details.
The large recording area is huge! The room – 120m2 / 860m3 was specially designed and built to accommodate an orchestra of up to forty musicians! The size of the room and the acoustic materials used in it'sconstruction result in a reverb time of approximately 1.2 seconds.  
The recording possibilities for this room are endless, an ambient microphone fanatics dream! Wait till you here our grand piano or a drum set in this room… The large room has also been used for intimate live performances and music industry gatherings.
In addition to the large room, Studio A has four isolation/recording rooms. The rooms – 47, 16, 14 and 10 m2 each have their own unique sound characteristics, from very dry to semi wet. Each one has a view to the large room as well as to the control room. This layout has worked very well for us when recording bands/artists “live off the floor”.